London to Melbourne.

These shots were taken over the space of a couple of months. The first few were from my last visit to London before moving to Melbourne, Victoria. The last few were taken in my first week of being in Melbourne. I haven’t taken anything in colour for a while but i dug some colour film out of my drawer whilst moving out of my apartment in Leeds and decided to give it a go.

Taken on my Canon AE-1 using Fujifilm Superia X-TRA


Hackney station. July ’17





China Town, Melbourne, VIC. August ’17




Travels around Europe…

This group of photos were taken over the course of around 2 months in Berlin, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Breda and London. I took them all on a Canon AE-1 using Kodak Tri-X 400 black and white film.

Alistair in the centre of the Red light district, Hamburg. May ’17
berlin street
Streets of Berlin.
bike in goes
Goes, Holland. May ’17
Bob. April ’17
breda cathedral
Breda Cathedral.
breda streets
Streets of Breda.
couple in rain
Couple sheltering from rain. Goes, Holland. May ’17
girls in berlin
Summer in Berlin.
goes market
Goes Saturday Market.
goes street
Streets of Goes, Holland.
hus and toby
Hus’s Barber shop. Hackney, East London.
man on bike
Man on his bike.
Millett and Hus.
toby dan
Toby and Dan. London. June’17
Hamburg Train Station.
umbrella woman
Caught in rain.
woman on floor
On the streets of central Hamburg. June ’17